Multiphonics and the Oboe

This Friday 25th October 2013: 
Multiphonics and the Oboe – a lecture at the Royal Academy of Music

Concert Room
The Academy’s Evelyn Barbirolli Research Fellow, Christopher Redgate, explores the extraordinary world of oboe multiphonics, addressing the problems that composers come across and the difficulties of execution in performance. In addition, the use of multiphonics for technique development will be considered.

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Rethinking the Oboe Exhibition: Support Events

The Re-thinking the Oboe Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Music continues through to the 28th March. As part of the exhibition I will be giving several presentations at the Academy.


Photo:  Hana Zushi, Royal Academy of Music

February 12th, 12.30 p.m. Royal Academy of Music Piano Gallery in the Museum

I will be a guest of Peter Sheppard Skærved at one of his regular Soundbox presentations. The subject will be Towards a New Oboe

Free entry

February 15th, 6.00 p.m Concert Room, Royal Academy of Music, London.

19th Century Oboe: Questions and Paradoxes

During the nineteenth century the oboe went through a considerable transformation: from an instrument with two keys to the modern oboe. There were also a significant number of virtuoso performers, who, if reports are to be believed, had exceptional techniques. However, the repertoire of significant works for the instrument from this period is apparently very small, raising questions as to why the major composers wrote so little. The event will explore this conundrum, looking at the repertoire that does exist, the virtuosos and the instrument-makers of the period. Many of the instruments on display in the Museum’s latest exhibition ‘Re-thinking the Oboe’ will be discussed as part of the presentation.

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Re-thinking the Oboe

March 8th, 6.00 p.m. Royal Academy of Music: Henry Wood Room 

This event explores the processes involved in the redesign of an instrument: redesigning the key-work of the oboe to meet today’s musical demands involved a series of complex collaborative activities between performer, maker and composer. This event will explore both the processes involved and the contributions made through collaborative activities.

I will also have a special guest: Eva Ries one of the Howarth makers who worked hard on the new instrument.

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