Concert in Iffley, Oxford

Iffley Music Society

13th November 2016.

For further Information click here

Iffley village Church Hall Oxford OX4 4EG


G. P. Telemann: Sonata in G minor

Christopher Redgate: Four Exotic Miniatures (World Premiere)

C. Yvon: Cor anglais Sonata in F

R. Schumann: Drei Romanzen

E. Roxburgh: Two movements from The Well Tempered Oboe

C. Saint-Saëns; Sonata op. 166

This recital is one of contrasts and unexpected sounds! The music ranges from the 18th to the 21st centuries and includes the elegant world of Telemann’s Sonata in G minor, a work from his Tafelmusik collection of 1733, through to a world premiere of Redgate’s own Four Exotic Miniatures. In between are two gems from the oboe’s romantic repertoire;  the Saint-Saëns Sonata with its delicious French accent and Schumann’s Drei Romanzen, three of the most gorgeous and profound oboe works ever written. Carlo Yvon’s Sonata for cor anglais is not so well known but adds an Italian flavour into the mix with its operatic writing and demanding virtuosity. Edwin Roxburgh’s The Well Tempered Oboe uses a range of more unusual sounds and is technically very demanding. There is a quotation from J S Bach in the slow movement and, of course, the title also reflects the Bach connection. The contrasts do not end with the musical styles, Yvon introduces the cor anglais and the Roxburgh is written for a redesigned oboe, the Howarth-Redgate Oboe – the latest thing in modern oboe design! And as if that were not enough the Four Exotic Miniatures use four different instruments: the Musette – a kind of piccolo oboe, the Lupophon, a recently redesigned bass oboe, the Cor anglais and the oboe d’amore – perhaps more well known but not heard that often in the recital hall.

Chris with Lupophon



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