Concert at the Du Pré Music Building, Oxford – 27th November 2015.

Music for solo oboe and music for oboe and electronics.

Du Pré Music Building

The performers:

Christopher Redgate – oboe

Paul Archbold – live electronics

The Programme:

Nigel McBride – uncompromisingness with which dogma is held (premiere)

Heinz Holliger – Cardiophonie

Edwin Roxburgh – ‘…at the still point of the turning world…’

Paul Archbold – Zechstein (premiere)

For more information follow this link

McBride writes about his new work:

uncompromisingness with which dogma is held is a radical new work for the Redgate-Howart system oboe that plays with memory and perception via some of the most transcendentally virtuosic music ever written for oboe.

Archbold writes about his work:

Near where I was born, the coastline of County Durham is marked by a series of narrow forested gorges that cut through a deep layer of Magnesian Limestone. Laid down some 250 million years ago, these rocks mark the Zechstein Sea, a large lagoon in the centre of the ancient Pangea super-continent that gradually evaporated during the last great global warming at the end of the Permian, when temperatures soared above 50°C.

Zechstein is a tranquil contemplative work that exploits the vast range of multiphonics discovered by Christopher Redgate on the new Howarth-Redgate oboe.


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